The 2020 Emerald Carols is on, we may not be by the Lake this year, but we will still provide an evening a festive fun, entertainment and joyous carol singing. Organise family and friends to gather together, in whatever capacity we can, and plan your own Carols Party!

Lay out all the festive treats and trimmings, and set yourselves down on a comfy couch, to sing the Christmas season in!

We will be joined live by the Cardinia Concert Civic Band, local artists, and the big man himself...

One the night, interact with us, via social media, sharing your best Carols fares,
selfies and maybe some crazy costumes!

More info to come on all interactive elements, and you will
find the link you need right here when it is available.

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We will not be able to provide candles this year but we hope you can get into the Chrissie vibe with decorations, a festive spread and settle on the couch with a candle or two of your own.

General Event Information

Getting There

THE COUCH – Unlike previous years, 2020 Carols come to you, in the comfort of your home! 

Information below relevant to previous years

Emerald Lake Park is located at the end of Emerald Lake Rd, Emerald.  There is no entrance fee for this park.  


This year there will be no need to worry about parking, or even getting the car out of the driveway. 

Information below relevant to previous years

 There is plenty of parking available within the park site and on the evening of the Carols, parking will be FREE!  When arriving at the park gates follow the directions of traffic management, who will be there to assist you.

Site Map

 We are guessing that in 2020, you will know the lay out of your place pretty well. 🙂 

Information below relevant to previous years. 

The evenings events will be happening in the circled area on the map below.  The Central Grandstand, will be the stage area.  This is close to toilet blocks, the cafe. 

Acknowledgements: Artwork on this site by Ally Lord-van Leeuwen.